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The Crowded Room


This is quite a good watch. The transition from "who dunnit" to actual psychological thriller is done tastefully, and retrospectively, you can realize, that there were respective hints here and there. Holland portrayed his role quite well, too, in

Lost Words: Beyond the Page


This is a really good game. It is very short and simple, but the way the stray intertwines with the gameplay, the way emotions from the "real life" sip into the "fantasy", they way words are used in various ways through-out the game- this is an

The Darkest Tales


Overall, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Quite interesting combination of old fairy tales' interpretations, metroidvania gameplay, including exploration and backtracking. But I do have some criticism to share.

  1. Jumping had a very inconsistent feel to
Liebes Kind


I really liked this one. The atmosphere felt really similar to what Dark series had, but without the supernatural things. Even the music was really similar, and helped with the mood. The story itself was also quite intriguing, and my personal guesses



First season of Ragnarök was pretty good. Maybe somewhat cliched with going for an "underdog" type of story, but quite decent still. Atmospheric, intriguing to see how the Nordic mythology will intertwine with modern Norway., and it mostly made sense

Bendy and the Dark Revival


Similar to the previous game, I think the art style is the main selling point still, although there are improvements in other areas. I like a more open world, although it is still quite linear. The notes, audio logs and side quests did expand the

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart


Before I review, I need to provide some context, since I will be going against general perception of the series. I am a man, but I come from abusive family: mother abused me mentally and physically, while father abused me only mentally (with physical



If you think about it, Apple's "Silo" TV Series (and probably the book, too) is about a tech support specialist being asked to help with security maintenance in relation to some feature, with which they were involved during some random ticket, and



There is a "darker" part in my history. This part is associated with digital piracy, so I generally do not talk much about it, but it had a very special moment in it, which kind of defined my views on good products and good communication with its

Bendy and the Ink Machine


The art is the main attraction here. Overall stylization and the sepia effect have some special charm. Gameplay wise it is mostly good, I think the most disappointment for me was the 5th chapter, because it made it much more obvious that fighting

Lost in Random


Very good fairy tail, with world and lore that I would love to explore more. It's linear but with enough nooks and crannies to where they do make sense, so I find it quite balanced in that sense. The fights, though...

On paper very interesting

Bullshit country


I remember the time, when I was proud to be Russian. Really proud. I stood up during Kremlin's clock chiming when we entered the new year. My parents laughed at me, but I felt that this a symbolic gesture to honor everyone's work in keeping the



I came in without any expectations at all. In fact, I thought that I will drop it after 10 minutes (at the least the art style is not exactly my thing), but I stayed till the end and it hit me right in my kokoro. It's been a very long time since I've

The Last of Us Part I


It is a good game. Good atmospheric story, ok gameplay. I think it was overhyped even for the time it came out, but "overhyped" does not necessarily mean "overrated". At least not in this case. I also think it is still somewhat better than TV series



It took me 5 minutes of the 1st episode to understand that I will not be wasting my time on this show. Since this is what opens the series, I do not consider this a spoiler, so here's the stupidest thing (or things, maybe), that turned me off.


Naked Education


Back in AprilChannel 4released a short TV series called "Naked Education". Today I was able to finally watch the last episode, and I still stand by with my review I posted onIMDBback then after first 2 episodes: we NEEDsuch shows.

Back in April

Growfit.fi review


I've been using growfit.fi for a month now. Unlike with review of similar services, which I did back in Russia, I did not feel like I have enough mental capacity to review every dish every day (since I am still adapting to new job), but I thought

We Work in July


I know it all to well how just being in a certain place can reduce your anxiety. It was Helsinki for me. I am from Moscow, and before coming to Helsinki I never even realized how much “background stress” I was experiencing just by being there, until

Men's Mental Health Month


I wanted to write a small article about a different thing, but... Did you know that June is a Men's Mental Health Month? Seeing how little stuff related to it you see in social media (if any at all) compared to Pride Month, it makes me wonder: "Why

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


I am not recommending this game, even though I have 127 hours spent in it, and probably could have spent even more, since there is still a lot to explore, but I do not really have any motivation to do that.

It is worse than Odyssey in my mind. One

Arcada: Retrospective


Around December 2022, I decided to join Arcada'sGame Design and Productioncourse. In some sense this was done out of desperation, because I was unemployed, not getting new interviews for a very long time, and since I wanted (and still do) to move

Naked Education


So there is this new TV show, called "Naked Education". It got a lot of criticism, as some news articles say "fury" even. Checking the comments that people leave about the show, though... Well, they are exactly the reason, why I believe such show

LSA Package Is Not Signed As Expected


If you are using Windows (most likely 11, but could 10 can be affected, too), and you have a habit of looking into your Event Viewer for whatever reason you might have seen warnings like this:


Adab: Memory or Glitch


I was just a kid when I first read Frank Herbert's Dune. It was a relatively difficult read even though I was reading the Russian translation at first (later read all 6 main books in English). Herbert put quite a lot of effort in describing not only

Death Stranding Director's Cut


I tried liking this game. And the beginning was very intriguing in terms of the story, at least it felt that way when I tried a pirated version. A few first minutes were enough to tell me: I need to buy this, it promises to be good. So I did buy it.

Days Gone


Very tough choice with Steam's yes/no approach, but I will choose "no". Gameplay-wise, or more specifically, shooting, riding a bike and general exploration - it's quite solid. The world is quite atmospheric, and portions of the story, can be

Why Do We Fear Refactoring?


"Refactoring". Arguably one of the most, if not themost scary words for a lot of developers. But why? And should you be scared of it, too?

First of all, what is "refactoring"? According to Wikipedia, "code refactoring" is restructuring of the

Tech Support Questions from Yahaha


Recently I applied to a tech support job atYahaha. Did not get a job, because there was someone more experienced than me, probably not in tech support, but in Discord specifically, because I do not have much experience with it yet, and that is was a

Support from Hel


I am currently doing theIntroduction to Video Game Creationcourse from XAMK, and as part of the course there is a requirement to prepare a "one sheet" for a game idea, as well as a character sheet. I can't say I am very imaginative in terms of

Sony Support Sucks


Gods know, I was not planning on writing this article today. I had another one in mind. But Sony's tech support sent a long awaited reply and I was severely disappointed in it.

I have Xperia IV 1. I really do like this phone, I find it to be much

Rax: Dip Box


I was actually looking for potential desert, like cheesecake, but search for it on Wolt led me toRax, which had free delivery for my place (which is extremely rare, sadly), and while scrolling through it I saw "Dip box", which caught my attention,

XAMK IVGC: Game Analytics


I just completed module 13 from "Introduction to Video Games Creation" fromXAMK, and I must be honest – it was a horrendous experience. I would not recommend this module to anyone at all. And this not because of tons of mistypes and frequent



I am not a fan of neither isometric games (unless they are a proper RTS) or rougue-like ones, but somehow this game does make me spend some time in it and I do not mind that.



Below is a short "story" I've written as part ofIntroduction to Video Games Creationcourse from XAMK.


I walk along the plank to the wooden pier, and a guard escorts me to the office. During this very short walk, I hear a strange sound, as if a cry



Ah…Control. Was supposed to be a big new hit fromRemedy. Even won quite a few rewards. I tried playing it when it got released and dropped it in like 15 or 20 minutes. Don't remember what exactly I did not like at that time, but recently, I decided

Through a Dream to Berserk


I do not think I’ve shared this mystery before, and since I’ve recently finished watching "Berserk: Memorial Edition", I thought I’d share how I got into it.

For those who do not know "Berserk" (ベルセルク) is a dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura (三浦 建太郎



Today I woke up with theme from "Jurassic Park" movies in my head. No idea why, but it made me reminisce a bit.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I had lots of books about them (with picture, obviously), went to some of the museum in

First post from UI


This is the very first post I have made using this very website's UI. Well, the very first done on production instance, obviously.

Some may say: "What's the big deal? There are lots of blogs and forums." And, indeed, there are, but the forums "engine

Ghostwire: Tokyo


Recently, I’ve finished "Ghostwire: Tokyo". I have a love-hate relationship with it, to be honest. It’s not a bad game per say, if it was, I would not have played it for 26 hours, but it had too many things, that were annoying to me.

The story was

Ghostwire: Tokyo


General review

Recently, I’ve finishedGhostwire: Tokyo. I have a love-hate relationship with it, to be honest. It’s not a bad game per say, if it was, I would not have played it for 26 hours, but it had too many things, that were annoying to me.


Sicak Kafa


"Hot Skull" is definitely better than I expected. It's far from perfect of course, but still quite a solid sci-fi from Turkey. I would not mind a bit more "sci" in it, they did not really go much into the explanation of jabbering throughout the

LiteSpeed: How Not to Support


Not so long ago, I’vepostedabout my poor experience with LiteSpeed support handling my ticket #945335. In short, I have an issue with directing custom error pages to a PHP script while also populating the redirect headers properly (as it turned out



"Wednesday" TV series from Netflix is quite good. They even managed to keep the intrigue till the middle of last episode, which is quite rare nowadays. My only wish would be to have a better world-building, because it is almost non-existent here



This game is ridiculous, but a good type of ridiculous. Surprisingly aged quite well, too, there are not so many games like that out now. I definitely want to play the 2nd game now, especially, since they say that some matters are discussed a bit



Yeah, "Morbius" adaptation is not good. There were some good shots during fights, but they were far in-between. I think it fails the same way as Venom 2, but even more.

Venom worked, because Eddie was figuring out his new status quo, the movie was

Black Adam


While "Black Adam" did have a few good shots here and there, it's largely forgettable.

Obviously, you should not be expecting an intellectual movie, but characters are quite flat (even Adam himself), lack proper motivation or "feeling of a backstory"

You can't test everything


You can’t test everything.

Had a case, that reminded me of this today and wanted to share this “tidbit of wisdom”.

It’s not a suggestion to not test, because you can’t test everything, no. Testing is your friend, whether it’s a code, an assumption