You can't test everything


You can’t test everything.

Had a case, that reminded me of this today and wanted to share this “tidbit of wisdom”.

It’s not a suggestion to not test, because you can’t test everything, no. Testing is your friend, whether it’s a code, an assumption

LiteSpeed's poor support


I really hoped, that I would not have to do this, but since LiteSpeed support has been ghosting me for a month (since October 10th, 2022), even though I am a paying customer for the LiteSpeed Enterprise server (LSWS), I do not see what else I can do

Introducing the "Talks"


It’s been a while since last post here. But it does not mean, that there was no progress. In fact, if by the off chance there is someone who regularly visits this website, that person would notice some visual changes.

Since May I’ve been working on


  • Finally updated landing page to show latest news. It's not fully styled and posting to it is a pain, but it is definitely closer to what it is supposed to look like in the future.


  • Moved to VPS. If you are reading this, means that DNS was updated as well, so everything should be working as expected. I also noticed that TTFB timings from VPS seem to be extremely long (23 seconds!), so am looking into what may be the cause of


  • Significant improvement in TTFB already (so far 5-7 seconds instead of 20-60), but still have some ideas on potential further improvements.


  • FF entity registration page is now up.
  • During first days of running I noticed that some images are not being loaded on the pages. Those are images which are "proxied" from Lodestone since they do not comply with Crossorigin (which I pointed to


  • Most of FFTracker pages are now working. Exceptions are entity registration and statistics (including those on Free Companies' pages). The latter are planned to be transferred to images, instead of Google Charts, so may take a bit more time to be
Sooner than expected


Due to release of Endwalker for Final Fantasy XIV I wanted to publish the updated version of the website on December 7th. But I did not realize that the release is on December 3rd...

So... I am still releasing the update, as you can see, but some

True Leader


A true leader

Is always a deceiver:

Lying with no worry



Man, I am only trying here to re-integrate,

I am not a freaking menace to society

You don’t want me seeing you as an enemy


  • General:
    • New design
    • Significant backend changes


Today, suddenly, an episode I imagined for "Simbiat" poured out into a small poem. Perhaps it was another mood-swing or just OST to "Seraph".

Look at my deformity:

No sign of conformity


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Updated to properly support Stormblood changes. Note, that there may still be some less obvious issues. We are working with XIVDB developer to identify and fix bugs in the Lodestone Parser.


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Advanced search
    • Tracking of previous free companies for characters with appropriate output on their pages


Just to let you know, what kind of development is planned at the moment, here is the expected order:

1. Advanced search for Final Fantasy XIV Tracker

2. SilverSteam integration into current interface with only minimal changes in features


  • General:
    • Added scroll-to-top function embedded into the footer
    • Added social sharing buttons


  • General:
    • Removed top navigation
    • Moved side (mobile) navigation to left column and merged it with breadcrumbs


  • General:
    • Removed "(page 1)" text from titles. Page number will be shown in title only if its number is 2 or more
    • Added breadcrumbs to news categories for consistency


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Changed main page and search logic to limit the amount of information pushed to the page (better performance and readability)
    • Updated some of the images with ones of higher resolution


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Optimized history storage to save around 500 MBs on database level and improve overall performance
    • Removed caching of FC Members, since it does not make a difference now


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Fixed level up and down arrows not showing
  • General


    • BIC Library:
      • Fixed some filters not working properly
      • Fixed regression bug, when certain codes were not translated into words when showing detailed information or downloading a file


    • BIC Library:
      • Added advanced search option allowing to search by any field available
      • Added logic to show API link generation logic along with the links themselves (available in advanced search)


    • BIC Library:
      • Moved filtering function to server: on changes after 0.5 seconds server is requested for details based on filter. Only 100 results are return, unless you reset filter, otherwise you get all active BICs
      • Removed "Inactive
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