Support from Hel


Support from Hel

I am currently doing theIntroduction to Video Game Creationcourse from XAMK, and as part of the course there is a requirement to prepare a "one sheet" for a game idea, as well as a character sheet. I can't say I am very imaginative in terms of

Sony Support Sucks


Sony Support Sucks

Gods know, I was not planning on writing this article today. I had another one in mind. But Sony's tech support sent a long awaited reply and I was severely disappointed in it.

I have Xperia IV 1. I really do like this phone, I find it to be much

XAMK IVGC: Production


XAMK IVGC: Production

I've just finished "Production module" of XAMK'sIntroduction to Video Games Creation.

I do not have much to say about the actual "Production" portion of the training videos, since from perspective of my limited project management knowledge (that I

Rax: Dip Box


Rax: Dip Box

I was actually looking for potential desert, like cheesecake, but search for it on Wolt led me toRax, which had free delivery for my place (which is extremely rare, sadly), and while scrolling through it I saw "Dip box", which caught my attention,

XAMK IVGC: Game Analytics


XAMK IVGC: Game Analytics

I just completed module 13 from "Introduction to Video Games Creation" fromXAMK, and I must be honest – it was a horrendous experience. I would not recommend this module to anyone at all. And this not because of tons of mistypes and frequent




Below is a short "story" I've written as part ofIntroduction to Video Games Creationcourse from XAMK.


I walk along the plank to the wooden pier, and a guard escorts me to the office. During this very short walk, I hear a strange sound, as if a cry




Ah…Control. Was supposed to be a big new hit fromRemedy. Even won quite a few rewards. I tried playing it when it got released and dropped it in like 15 or 20 minutes. Don't remember what exactly I did not like at that time, but recently, I decided

Through a Dream to Berserk


Through a Dream to Berserk

I do not think I’ve shared this mystery before, and since I’ve recently finished watching "Berserk: Memorial Edition", I thought I’d share how I got into it.

For those who do not know "Berserk" (ベルセルク) is a dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura (三浦 建太郎




Today I woke up with theme from "Jurassic Park" movies in my head. No idea why, but it made me reminisce a bit.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I had lots of books about them (with picture, obviously), went to some of the museum in

First post from UI


First post from UI

This is the very first post I have made using this very website's UI. Well, the very first done on production instance, obviously.

Some may say: "What's the big deal? There are lots of blogs and forums." And, indeed, there are, but the forums "engine

Ghostwire: Tokyo


General review

Recently, I’ve finishedGhostwire: Tokyo. I have a love-hate relationship with it, to be honest. It’s not a bad game per say, if it was, I would not have played it for 26 hours, but it had too many things, that were annoying to me.


LiteSpeed: How Not to Support


Not so long ago, I’vepostedabout my poor experience with LiteSpeed support handling my ticket #945335. In short, I have an issue with directing custom error pages to a PHP script while also populating the redirect headers properly (as it turned out

You can't test everything


You can’t test everything.

Had a case, that reminded me of this today and wanted to share this “tidbit of wisdom”.

It’s not a suggestion to not test, because you can’t test everything, no. Testing is your friend, whether it’s a code, an assumption

LiteSpeed's poor support


I really hoped, that I would not have to do this, but since LiteSpeed support has been ghosting me for a month (since October 10th, 2022), even though I am a paying customer for the LiteSpeed Enterprise server (LSWS), I do not see what else I can do

Introducing the "Talks"


It’s been a while since last post here. But it does not mean, that there was no progress. In fact, if by the off chance there is someone who regularly visits this website, that person would notice some visual changes.

Since May I’ve been working on


  • Finally updated landing page to show latest news. It's not fully styled and posting to it is a pain, but it is definitely closer to what it is supposed to look like in the future.


  • Moved to VPS. If you are reading this, means that DNS was updated as well, so everything should be working as expected. I also noticed that TTFB timings from VPS seem to be extremely long (23 seconds!), so am looking into what may be the cause of


  • Significant improvement in TTFB already (so far 5-7 seconds instead of 20-60), but still have some ideas on potential further improvements.


  • FF entity registration page is now up.
  • During first days of running I noticed that some images are not being loaded on the pages. Those are images which are "proxied" from Lodestone since they do not comply with Crossorigin (which I pointed to them


  • Most of FFTracker pages are now working. Exceptions are entity registration and statistics (including those on Free Companies' pages). The latter are planned to be transferred to images, instead of Google Charts, so may take a bit more time to be
Sooner than expected


Due to release of Endwalker for Final Fantasy XIV I wanted to publish the updated version of the website on December 7th. But I did not realize that the release is on December 3rd...

So... I am still releasing the update, as you can see, but some


Ms. Blood


You know like there isMr. Musclefor cleaning? Well, it’s the reverse – you "dirty" everything. With blood. You know like both "muscle" and "blood" are part of human body? That's where the analogy came from.

This maybe 1 game, but most likely it

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?


Below is a task I did for a "Basics of game design: introduction to the role in 3 days" course fromSkillbox. The "course" itself was mostly a waste of time, but I did come up with a good idea, which fit the task of creating an idea with at most 5

True Leader


A true leader

Is always a deceiver:

Lying with no worry,

Stealing all the glory,

Quite opportunistic,

And sometimes sadistic.

See an error in a report –

Fire the loser with no retort.

The Medium


Below are the inconsistencies, I've found inThe Mediumwhile playing it. The game itself is quite buggy and laggy, and the story has too many flaws for me to recommend it. Although, if you like the style, and the game is on good discount - it is

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