HTML5 version of the game created as part of bootcamp in Arcada's Game Design and Production course. Source code can be found here.

This is an homage to old game Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion and uses assets from the original game.

This is a work in progress, expect incomplete experience and bugs!

  • , A or Numpad 4 to move left
  • , D or Numpad 6 to move right
  • Space, Numpad 0 or Right Click to jump
  • Hold Space, Numpad 0 or Right Click to jump higher
  • Hold , w or Numpad 8 to aim up
  • Hold , S or Numpad 2 to aim down (also required for jumping down)
  • Ctrl, RCtrl, Numpad 7, Numpad 9 or Left Click to shoot
  • Esc to exit game
  • F11 to toggle fullscreen
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🎵 This game has sound effects 🎵