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Adab: Memory or Glitch


I was just a kid when I first read Frank Herbert's Dune. It was a relatively difficult read even though I was reading the Russian translation at first (later read all 6 main books in English). Herbert put quite a lot of effort in describing not only

Why Do We Fear Refactoring?


"Refactoring". Arguably one of the most, if not themost scary words for a lot of developers. But why? And should you be scared of it, too?

First of all, what is "refactoring"? According to Wikipedia, "code refactoring" is restructuring of the

Tech Support Questions from Yahaha


Recently I applied to a tech support job atYahaha. Did not get a job, because there was someone more experienced than me, probably not in tech support, but in Discord specifically, because I do not have much experience with it yet, and that is was a

Support from Hel


I am currently doing theIntroduction to Video Game Creationcourse from XAMK, and as part of the course there is a requirement to prepare a "one sheet" for a game idea, as well as a character sheet. I can't say I am very imaginative in terms of

Sony Support Sucks


Gods know, I was not planning on writing this article today. I had another one in mind. But Sony's tech support sent a long awaited reply and I was severely disappointed in it.

I have Xperia IV 1. I really do like this phone, I find it to be much

Rax: Dip Box


I was actually looking for potential desert, like cheesecake, but search for it on Wolt led me toRax, which had free delivery for my place (which is extremely rare, sadly), and while scrolling through it I saw "Dip box", which caught my attention,

XAMK IVGC: Game Analytics


I just completed module 13 from "Introduction to Video Games Creation" fromXAMK, and I must be honest – it was a horrendous experience. I would not recommend this module to anyone at all. And this not because of tons of mistypes and frequent



Below is a short "story" I've written as part ofIntroduction to Video Games Creationcourse from XAMK.


I walk along the plank to the wooden pier, and a guard escorts me to the office. During this very short walk, I hear a strange sound, as if a cry



Ah…Control. Was supposed to be a big new hit fromRemedy. Even won quite a few rewards. I tried playing it when it got released and dropped it in like 15 or 20 minutes. Don't remember what exactly I did not like at that time, but recently, I decided

Through a Dream to Berserk


I do not think I’ve shared this mystery before, and since I’ve recently finished watching "Berserk: Memorial Edition", I thought I’d share how I got into it.

For those who do not know "Berserk" (ベルセルク) is a dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura (三浦 建太郎



Today I woke up with theme from "Jurassic Park" movies in my head. No idea why, but it made me reminisce a bit.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I had lots of books about them (with picture, obviously), went to some of the museum in

First post from UI


This is the very first post I have made using this very website's UI. Well, the very first done on production instance, obviously.

Some may say: "What's the big deal? There are lots of blogs and forums." And, indeed, there are, but the forums "engine

Ghostwire: Tokyo


General review

Recently, I’ve finishedGhostwire: Tokyo. I have a love-hate relationship with it, to be honest. It’s not a bad game per say, if it was, I would not have played it for 26 hours, but it had too many things, that were annoying to me.


LiteSpeed: How Not to Support


Not so long ago, I’vepostedabout my poor experience with LiteSpeed support handling my ticket #945335. In short, I have an issue with directing custom error pages to a PHP script while also populating the redirect headers properly (as it turned out

You can't test everything


You can’t test everything.

Had a case, that reminded me of this today and wanted to share this “tidbit of wisdom”.

It’s not a suggestion to not test, because you can’t test everything, no. Testing is your friend, whether it’s a code, an assumption

LiteSpeed's poor support


I really hoped, that I would not have to do this, but since LiteSpeed support has been ghosting me for a month (since October 10th, 2022), even though I am a paying customer for the LiteSpeed Enterprise server (LSWS), I do not see what else I can do

Introducing the "Talks"


It’s been a while since last post here. But it does not mean, that there was no progress. In fact, if by the off chance there is someone who regularly visits this website, that person would notice some visual changes.

Since May I’ve been working on


  • Finally updated landing page to show latest news. It's not fully styled and posting to it is a pain, but it is definitely closer to what it is supposed to look like in the future.


When Father Trevor handed me the creature, wrapped in towels, and I felt its weight in my arms, I realized, that I’ve brought a burden into this world. Not so much a burden on myself, although I could not deny it, but so much as a burden on the


  • Moved to VPS. If you are reading this, means that DNS was updated as well, so everything should be working as expected. I also noticed that TTFB timings from VPS seem to be extremely long (23 seconds!), so am looking into what may be the cause of


  • Significant improvement in TTFB already (so far 5-7 seconds instead of 20-60), but still have some ideas on potential further improvements.


  • FF entity registration page is now up.
  • During first days of running I noticed that some images are not being loaded on the pages. Those are images which are "proxied" from Lodestone since they do not comply with Crossorigin (which I pointed to them


  • Most of FFTracker pages are now working. Exceptions are entity registration and statistics (including those on Free Companies' pages). The latter are planned to be transferred to images, instead of Google Charts, so may take a bit more time to be
Sooner than expected


Due to release of Endwalker for Final Fantasy XIV I wanted to publish the updated version of the website on December 7th. But I did not realize that the release is on December 3rd...

So... I am still releasing the update, as you can see, but some


Ms. Blood


You know like there isMr. Musclefor cleaning? Well, it’s the reverse – you "dirty" everything. With blood. You know like both "muscle" and "blood" are part of human body? That's where the analogy came from.

This maybe 1 game, but most likely it

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?


Below is a task I did for a "Basics of game design: introduction to the role in 3 days" course fromSkillbox. The "course" itself was mostly a waste of time, but I did come up with a good idea, which fit the task of creating an idea with at most 5

True Leader


A true leader

Is always a deceiver:

Lying with no worry,

Stealing all the glory,

Quite opportunistic,

And sometimes sadistic.

See an error in a report –

Fire the loser with no retort.

The Medium


Below are the inconsistencies, I've found inThe Mediumwhile playing it. The game itself is quite buggy and laggy, and the story has too many flaws for me to recommend it. Although, if you like the style, and the game is on good discount - it is



A young man is walking along a square park growing in a long canyon-like formation with peculiar edges, as if someone was stirring some reddish cream and trying to make a dome with it, but the roof kept constantly falling off. Whoever was that cook,

Detroit: Become Human


Below are the inconsistencies, I've found inDetroit: Become Humanwhile playing it. None of them make the game bad, though: I highlt recommend playing it, if you like interactive movies.

Below text has quite a few spoilers, some of which may be




Я сомневаюсь в себе.

Постоянно. Я сижу в поезде, едущем в аэропорт «Домодедово», откуда я полечу в Минск на встречу со своей девушкой украинкой. Только вот один нюанс: нас будет трое: я, она и её школьный друг, которому она доверяет больше, чем мне.


Life Is Strange 3


Below is the mail I sent toDON'T NODsometime around May 2020


My name is Dmitry, and I’ll be straight with you: I want to get into GameDev and have no idea how I may even fit there with my skillset. But if you think this is a resume – it’s not.



Man, I am only trying here to re-integrate,

I am not a freaking menace to society

You don’t want me seeing you as an enemy

I may just end up stealing all your shit!

Father Dearest


“Hi. My name is Mark. I am afraid of my father.”

Young boy is holding his smartphone with trembling fingers. This is not a prank or anything – he is, indeed, afraid of his father. He believes he has changed since boy’s mother died.

Mark is a smart boy

Creator’s Curse


It’s a regular Wednesday today. Well, almost. It’s been a week now, that I walk to next metro station over instead of the one closer to me when going to and from work. They say walking is good for your health. I have not noticed any difference just

He, She, It


Ilichevsk, recently renamed to Chernomorsk, Ukraine. Unnamed and unfinished hotel complex near Seaside Staircase. One of the rooms which is, more or less, finished and livable, unless you expect some high-quality 5-star service: after all it’s still

Change From Inside


Change must come from the inside.

That’s what they tell us, at least. You want to change the world around you – start from yourself. You want to change yourself – you need to dig deep into yourself, find your own flaws and… Well, here advises divert




That’s what they always tell you: “Smile”.

When you greet a friend – smile. When you welcome a guest – smile. When you take an order – smile. When you explain what’s in the dish – smile. When you get scolded or asked for manager – smile. When

The Well


I’ve been thrown into a well.

Since it’s been shut in for a few years, I did not fall into the water, rather than straight against wooden planks, flat down my back. Some droplets come down my face: those maggots decided to piss on me as well. I turn



Why is it itching so bad? I do not feel anything on my face, but the itch won’t stop no matter how much I scratch. I sit up on my bed trying to calm down and not scratch anymore. I mean I do not need some weird bug in my skin or whatever right now:


  • General:
    • New design
    • Significant backend changes


Today, suddenly, an episode I imagined forSimbiatpoured out into a small poem. Perhaps it was another mood-swing or just OST toSeraph.


Look at my deformity:


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Updated to properly support Stormblood changes. Note, that there may still be some less obvious issues. We are working with XIVDB developer to identify and fix bugs in the Lodestone Parser.


  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Advanced search
    • Tracking of previous free companies for characters with appropriate output on their pages
  • General:
    • Updated logic for blocks to improve performance in some cases and separate their caching logic


Just to let you know, what kind of development is planned at the moment, here is the expected order:

1. Advanced search for Final Fantasy XIV Tracker

2. SilverSteam integration into current interface with only minimal changes in features


  • General:
    • Added scroll-to-top function embedded into the footer
    • Added social sharing buttons


  • General:
    • Removed top navigation
    • Moved side (mobile) navigation to left column and merged it with breadcrumbs