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Somehow this movie is a better spy movie than Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 and 2024 interpretations. And it's not a spy movie even.

But think about: it's pretty fast pacing, while also telling us enough of bits and pieces of backgrounds of the characters. In fact, it is pretty good at "showing" us things, and just telling them. It has slo-mo moments, that are both smart and cool, and quite appropriate, I mean, it does not seem "unnecessary", at all: you know that it's there to add extra coolness to the moment.

Aside from that it is generally a good comedy. It is funny, while not using below-the-belt jokes that often, and when it does they are not that bad, and I would say they do fit their moments. It is also, actually, about a serious thing, it's about connections, and how we maintain our friendships. Like, it can actually make you pause for a moment and think about your own life. So, yeah, definitely recommend this one.