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It's just plain old boring. The Smiths' feelings about their marriage practically spin in through the screen. Everything feels tedious to them, and so does the movie. It attempts to "reignite" the interest at points, and one may even start thinking "it's not that bad", but then the small and very short burst of "something new" fades and we are back with the mundane.

Spies, the way movies show them, need charisma, they know what makes people tick, what they want, how to keep them excited. But somehow, all that knowledge is evaporated when you're married? I mean, the marriage may still have problems, but not because neither of the pair is trying. Smiths are not trying, aside from going to therapy, which is commendable nonetheless.

The movie lacks speed, lacks "smarts", lacks flare. I would say that even Citadel TV show from 2023 is a better spy flick, than this one. Yes, even though it is definitely flawed and utterly predictable.