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Somehow I accidentally started watching 8th episode of the show instead of the 1st, but... If finale was that boring, I doubt anything else before it was good.

I mean, the 2005 movie did not inspire me at all either, and I also found it quite boring, but it had at least some... Pacing? It felt like it was, at least, trying to be a spy movie. This one - did not even try. One can say, that maybe they wanted a more "grounded" approach, something more realistic. That is fine, but not if it's mundane.

Let's be honest, we all know why we like spy shows - high-octane action packed with smarts and wrapped in style. And intrigue, of course, we can't forget that. One would expect finale of such a show to be as exciting as it can get, but it was not. There was more talking than action, and the little pieces of action were uninspiring.

Definitely, do not waste you time on this one.