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It should just pull out all the stops, really. It has potential to be really interesting in its weirdness, but it feels like the show is holding itself back, focusing more on talking between the girls, instead of the weirdness around them. Granted, they left a town, that was already weird enough, so they are accustomed to weirdness, and they may also be naive due to age, but... Akira seemed to be the only one who was taking things seriously.

And this is sad, because it means, that for the sake of the girls' survival the show will be toothless, so that not to endanger them. Or at least not really endanger, not in a sense, that there is a real risk to their lives. Because otherwise they won't survive. To me lack of risk in such a show makes it boring. I would rather rewatch My Daemon, which was way better at that, even though it was utterly predictable.