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I do not remember why I dropped original back in the day, but I know for sure why I will drop it now. Holo annoys me. And, yes, I get it that it's part of the character, and she is supposed to "grow" and all that, but to me it just contradicts the character, since she claims to be "wise". I mean, if she has been so long-living, would she not mature somehow? Although if she did not communicate with anyone...

I don't know. I feel the same way about her, as I feel about Megumin: character looks nice, totally my taste, but as soon as she starts to talk, I just can't handle her. The visuals and nice music are not enough for me to overcome that. Furthermore the journey feels... Purposeless? I understand why Holo decides to leave the village, and that she wants to return home, but I don't feel the weight of that somehow. It feels like it's just a "whatever reason". Or maybe I'm just comparing this to my goddess Frieren, since her journey did feel purposeful to me.