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I feel like this show is trying to be somewhere between Horimiya and Yubisaki to Renren. And probably something else. In a sense, that I feel like they want to become a comedy like Horimiya, but the sudden love will lean the story towards "Yubisaki to Renren". But since this love is also kind of "puppy love", not sure if that's something I would want to watch.

Even though Itsuomi also fell for Yuki quite abruptly, he did not confess to her right away, but rather built things up towards the confession. It did not feel as superficial. And, yes, I called the show "too pink", since there was practically no conflict whatsoever (not "drama", but "conflict"), it still seemed to have more or less natural progression, especially with realization of the feelings for each other.

Hananoi, on the other hand, falls in love, essentially, because Hotaru did not care about him per say, but still showed a bit of kindness. Which, probably, happened because she learnt that he is a guy from another class. This might have turned into new version of "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun", but Hotaru realized her own feelings in the 1st episode already and that, in my mind, will also devoid the show of necessary conflict. Or "resistance", that could have kept my interest.