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Another "we have X at home" this season. If Gods Game was hoping to replace "No Game, No Life", this one seems to be aiming for all-mighty Slime. It may be a bit better than Gods Game, but still feels quite uninspiring. It also does not make much sense, since the reincarnated guy had ability to get abilities from eating stuff (old cliche at this point, too), and was obviously a lose canon, probably even a mass-murder based on some flashbacks, but then suddenly feel a sense of comradery with the goblins?.. He even question that himself, by the way.

It also does not make sense how only 2 (and then 3) goblins were going out to hunt. Even considering that hunting live prey is dangerous, and others might have not have the guts for it, they could have searched for plants and stuff. At the least, the "old" goblin probably could have taught them something. Or advised them to go out in groups or something. This just does not make sense.

Besides that it generally feels quite plain and is breaking its own rules right away. The guy said that he had a chance to get abilities, but then he started getting them left and right the next day. He also does not have a yota of charisma, at all, even compared to Slime. Which is, obviously, not the best isekai ever, but it can definitely feel stylish and satisfying. This one does not. At least, not for me.