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I wonder if this is worse than Dekisokonaior not. Probably, at least, on par with it. This is like one of those memes:

- I want new "No Game, No Life" season!

- We have "No Game, No Life" at home.

"No Game, No Life" at home:

Stiff, yet overly positive, and just stupid. I mean they said that all cards in the games had their own orbit, but there was, clearly, just 2 orbits. It was also strange, that the guy was looking for a girl, his manager/leader knew how she is supposed to look like, but somehow did not mention, that they had a similar looking god in their possession for a whole year. And why did it take them a year to get to this point even? Unexpected sexualization moment in the 1st episode was also out of place and completely unnecessary.