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This is wrong on so many levels. This anime shows pretty early on, what's it's about. And no, I am not talking about masochistic side of the character. The thing is, he also has a sadistic side, too. This show is for shotacons. You get a bathing scene with several naked voluptuous women and a naked boy very early on, and all those women want him to sleep in their rooms. The design of the character is also done in a way to make him look... Almost girly, but not exactly. The legs' ark, the hair, the shorts, that look like combination of shorts, skirt and diaper. Oh, and yes, the guy is also both a masochist and a sadist, who is the most powerful being in this world (without anyone realizing this properly, apparently), and all he wants is to read books from secret basement library. That no one in the building ever talked in like 10 years, that he has been living there.

I prefer Gushing Over Magical Girls, really. At least it was upfront about its kinks, and not trying to hide them in such poor (and still quite pointless) manner. Or maybe this is just not my set of kinks, because I am not into small boys.