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Dammit, it was starting so good... I really liked it more than Dead Space (both original and remake). Where Dead Space seemed to build the atmosphere mainly by turning off lights and jump-scaring you with monsters, this one seemed to be doing much more than that.

Firstly, it was using proper cinematics when required to show intense situations, to let you feel "the strain" of it all. The way camera was moving, the way the frame was "dirtied" (this does not necessarily mean actual dirt, it means that a frame is not "perfect" and that can help with immersion). It felt like they are really putting you into the game, at last to an extent.

Secondly, there were just those little things here and there, like little unnecessary movements made by characters, they made it feel just a little bit more "natural". And it was also little details in the environment, too. In Deas Space I always wanted to run, and could not, because I needed flashlight, which works only if you aim. Callisto is much brighter, but I never wanted to run here, because it just felt wrong. Something was telling me, that I need to be cautious, and move slowly, even though logic told me that this is a safe area, and everything is scripted either way.

There was also combat. Yes, it turned out to be somewhat repetitive pretty quickly, but the way you were introduced to it, and the way it felt... Like "heavy", "difficult", "important". You know, like, with fighting scenes in movies: sometimes they have this weight, that you feel even though you are not participating.

My point is, I wanted to play the game further. Yes, the second prisoner (Elias, if I remember correctly) seemed a bit forced as a guide, perhaps, since he is a prisoner, he probably should be that knowledgeable if he is in his cell most of the time. But there is enough doubt regarding him, that maybe there will be an explanation. I really wanted to know what will be next, was really excited...

Until on the 2nd evening I could not load my saves. Half of them. Apparently, in some obscure cases the save files become 200+ megabytes instead of 200+ kilobytes, and that makes them unloadable: the main menu just hangs, at some point changes into black screen, but nothing loads anyway.

But, ok, I cleaned those up, lost maybe 10 minutes of playtime, not that big of a deal. I mean until within next 1 minutes from that save I need to go through a door, but instead of loading the room, I get a black screen. And this bug is (or at least was) present on PS4/PS5 even. And there is no solution for it: for some people restarting the game from the very beginning worked, but for some - nothing worked at all. I've tried multiple things on PC to no avail, and I am not that invested to replay almost 2 hours to find out if that door will open for me or not.

So trying for a refund. Luckily, in total I got just a little bit over 2 hours, and since there is evidence of bugs, there is a chance that I will get my money back.