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Maybe this game is just not for me.

I've tried playing the original twice (or maybe even thrice), and did not get that far, and now I've tried the remake twice, too, and I still have the same complaints: it's just not that atmospheric or interesting. I know, sounds strange, when people are praising it for the atmosphere. But it does make sense if you think about it just a little bit.

If you do that, you may realize, that the atmosphere is achieved here with just 2 tools: lighting and "jump scares" done by monsters. And within the first hour of the game you already get a situation where you are forced to lose the light for the sake of progression (literally, there are no alternative routes here), and soon after that a "jump scare". Just 1, but you disabled light specifically for it, and nothing else, really. Because if I was an engineer like Isaac, I probably would be going to a fuse box (with just 3 fuses, duh) to open an electric door, but would rather try to override its controls, which are definitely near that door itself. I mean, I have a source of energy with me (plasma cutter), so jump-starting a door should be easy.

And yes, I know this is part of simplification of reality for the sake of the game overall, but it just does not work for me in this case. Resident Evil games a notorious for puzzles that often make little sense, but there you are put into a completely unknown and mysterious environment or into one which is somewhat familiar, but clearly had "dark secrets". You buy into the weirdness, because you expect a mystery and a secret. But Isaac has been to Ishimura before, if I am not mistaken, and if her has not, it's a man-made ship in a highly volatile environment (space), so it would be done with proper logic applied to it for the sake of safety and resiliency. So to me, an engineer albeit software one, such "puzzles" just ruin the immersion.

Even if I do close my eyes on these nuances, apply "it's just a game" mentality, I still can't get immersed, because there is nothing else, that works towards the atmosphere. Think about it: literally like 5 minutes into the game, when Isaac is closed in a room, with his colleagues on the other side of the glass and monsters suddenly appear, what is Isaac doing? Nothing. Well, ok, he does say like 1 short phrase with almost no emotions, but that's it. Control of the character is not taken away from you even for a moment, even though it would have made sense to do that and show him... Dunno running for the exit or banging on the glass. Really, anything at all, that would show at least a semblance of panic or concern for his colleagues. This might have been ok in 2008, but since remake was being done, why not adjust it? Mafia did work on that, even though the original was already good, why not here?

The dismembering mechanic is also kind of... Well, not "boring" per say, but firstly it also does not make much sense (although maybe it is explained later in the game), and it soon becomes somewhat tedious, the novelty goes away. Does it make the game more difficult? Probably. Does it make it more engaging? Maybe. Does it really feel unique? In the end - no. I would much rather prefer the dismembering mechanic be applied only to bosses (which are in the game), specifically so that the encounters felt more personal, even intimate. But when you are doing it on regular basis with regular monsters it just gets too old. Especially since often there is no real dismemberment even: I saw multiple times, how a limb was not severed, even after multiple shots at the same place, but the monster still died. It contradicted the "lore" even.

Again, maybe this is just not a game for me. I prefer more personal and, possibly, cinematic horror games. If you are like me in that regard, you probably won't like it either. But if you are looking for a "meaty" shooter with some puzzles and jump scares?.. Maybe that's a game for you, indeed.