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I decided to rewatch the movie after I tried recent anime. My controversial take - the movie is better.

I have not read the comics, only watched the movie back in 2010, but it did not stay with me. I forgot most of it. But I did remember that I generally liked it. When I tried watching the anime - I was not able to get into it, despite people saying how great it is, and how the movie was bad.

For me - it's the reverse. Yes, I will forget the movie again in a couple of days, but it was just plain more fun. I think it just used the format better. It had a much more limited timeframe, so pacing was top-notch, something was constantly happening, and most of it was crazy and/or funny. The visual cues worked better, too, while in anime they somehow felt out of place and unnecessary. The music was rad...

The overall package just worked together better. Anime was too slow, and probably a bit too serious, especially considering it's supposed to be a comedy. And, yes, I get it, that underneath the comedy the story is supposed to touch serious subjects, but comedy still implies you laughing at least part of the time. Or at least smiling. The movie did that to me.