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I have not consumed much of Scott Pilgrim's franchise, essentially just that movie, from which I remember almost nothing (which is why I've added it to my list of movies to (re)watch, because I do remember liking it), so I was going blind into this one. Maybe I should not have?

The show was reminding me of FLCL anime a lot, but slowed down. I mean, there is stuff going on on the screen, but very little real progression. Comparing to FLCL, where even during its slow-downs it was moving the plot forward or expanding on characters' believes or dreams or whatever. In the end I found it boring.

The art style is cute, animation is pretty smooth, too, but what's with that blur? Is that film grain or something? Why use it? I am not sure if it adds anything. Or are they trying to hide something? Like I know film-grain and similar effects can be used in games to help hide discrepancies in art-styles if there were multiple artists making the assets, but here, things seemed quite consistent, so not sure what's the point of the grain.