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It has protagonist, which initially looks extremely similar to one from Zanting before isekai happens to her, but this anime overall is quite plain. Too much time was wasted on dialogue about this world's cheats, several times Kaoru acted a bit stupid, considering she did not know the rules of the world yet, even though she was presented to be "smart". They also used "here's an item, we did not mention as part of original cheats" too soon. If it was just mentioned - fine, but it served as MacGuffin, which is not cool.

I guess, this one is for people who want to see adult-like protagonists in a body of a girl from 9th grade, while also having an overall "relaxing" theme to the story. Oh, and potions do not really make it unique, since we have 2nd season of "Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu".