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Sometimes nostalgia should remain just nostalgia. Amalur: Re-Reckonening is not a bad game, because original was not a bad game. But similarly to re-released Fable it just does not feel that good NOW. Yes, it may look better, but it's not enough.

I've recently played Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, which is also a re-realese and it played wonderfully for me, but this is because of its simplicity. RPG games are way more complex, that that by design. Narrative, UI and different game systems are important there, because you are expected to waste a lot of time in the game and be immersed in it. And the thing is, since the original release, there were games, that WERE better in all of the aspects. And thus, when you play it right now, after tasting that "better" - it's just not the same.

It does not make the game bad, obviously. And I am happy, that it was re-relased, because maybe at some point a proper sequel will appear. But I would not recommend it still, unless you want to have a taste of "history". An underappreciated, but still "history".