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Quite nostalgic, but from modern perspective, may not be as good, as we considered it back in the day. My main issues are:

  1. Inability to "uninvert" flight controls. Spyro is not a plain, which you control using appropriate stick, for which inversion makes sense. This increases the difficulty sometimes just through the need to use illogical controls schema
  2. Horrendous controls for swimming. Besides the inversion, they decided to switch camera control to left stick from the right one. Or they did something to the right stick, that makes it totally useless during swimming. Again, this increases difficulty, where not required.
  3. Inconsistencies in interactions (especially with rings). Those could be bugs, though.
  4. I also did not like the "follow the rings in god knows what order" challenges, but perhaps I'm just too slow, dunno. And narrative is pretty much non-existent here, even considering that it's aimed for kids.
  5. Despite all this, it can be a pretty good change of pace from shooters and RPGs and what not. Level design is great even compared to modern titles. If it's on discount - you can grab it.