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Something occurred to me: my last name is "Kustov", which in #Russian is normally associated with #bushes ("куст" = "bush"). But #Finnish has "kuusi", which has a partitive form "kuusta", which would sound very similar to "Kustov". #Finland also has a region Kuusto in Forssa. Considering how much Russian language borrowed from others (possibly even more than English), could it be that my last name is actually not about bushes, but about spruces or about the region?

If one would believe Familio.orgthere were mentions of this last name in areas that did belong to Finno-Ugoric tribes, and those areas are known for spruces. Of course, there are also theories that it may be from German "Kust" (meaning "art"), and I doubt we will ever know for sure, but it would be somewhat poetic, if I have been #conencted to Finland through my last name, even before I moved here.