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It is plain. It is shallow and uninspiring. There is nothing unique in this movie, nothing that could really catch your attention and stay with you for a long while. It is almost formulaic. You won't see anything that can surprise you here, and there are maybe just a couple of shots that may potentially be exciting, but that's it.

Even one of the main cornerstones of the premise of the movie, Oni hiding for some reason, starts to fall apart quite early, falls apart even more once the "Hidden Village" is visited, and completely crumbles, with a single comment in the very end of the movie.

Yes, animation is good here, the art style is good, too, even though kind of boring, but it means nothing is story is not good. Don't get me wrong, it may be quite ok for children, but for me, who saw a lot of other movies and shows with similar idea, it's just boring. And it feels like, writers did not bother to even think through the world they are describing.