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It's good, but the huge plot hole almost infuriates me. The visuals are amazing, lots of details, the music is great, the story is easy to digest, and characters are mostly relatable. You will, probably, enjoy watching it, unless you think just a little bit about premise and its explanation. Or rather the explanation of the time bubble, and how/why people got into it. Granted, it is a bit "obscure" and made mostly based on assumptions from the characters, but it is invalidated right away.

Not to spoil the movie, but in essence if the explanation is correct, than at least 2 of the characters should not be in the time bubble, because them being there makes a certain event, that kind of triggers the main story progression, becomes impossible. There is certainly a way to explain it further, but it's not done in the movie itself, and the way it can be explained would probably invalidate the whole premise as a whole even.

But still a good watch. Even with Œdipus complex in the ending. Also, a bit of false advertising, since there are no Alice or Therese mentioned in the title.