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I agree with other reviewers, who say that this is kind of false advertisement. This show is, indeed, more about Wade, rather than Knuckles. Echidna is more like a McGuffin in this story, that prompts Wade to at least try to change. But who is really that interested in watching Wade? When the title does not even suggest his "importance"?

Don't get me wrong, the plotline of the show is still good overall. In a way a Christmas special would be. It's essentially about "physical does not matter", acceptance, and friendship. There are dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of stories, that have this moral, and are good, and it's popular for a reason.

But this show ain't good. There is no real chemistry between the characters and kind of flat. I mean, Knuckles is, essentially, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, but way less complex and less funny. What made Drax a good character was also chemistry with his partners, but I do not see it between Knuckles and Wade. They feel forced.

Not as forced as the padding of the show. It should have been 1,5 hours at best. Most of the content here is absolutely useless. And if it was shorter it would have been more tolerable, because there would have been more Knuckles, who is supposed to be the main attraction, after all. As is though - at best it's an ok white-noise.