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It's not bad per say, but it just does not seem to have anything truly eye-catching. Or "mind-catching" if you will. We've seen dozens of supernatural detective shows, so obviously it's difficult to bring something fresh into the genre. The original, at least, had the of the boys being... Well, you know, boys. At least, in my understanding they were in early teens, but now we have another interpretation, where they are more like young adults.

In Doom Patrol one would not care really, since it was a cameo, but in a standalone show... I would prefer to rewatch The Dresden Files, because it had a charismatic character. Or first season of The Hardy Boys (maybe 2nd one, too), since it did have good detective plot with magic being secondary. Or Locke & Key - at least, it has an interesting magic concept, even though it does become a "overly positive" story at some point. This one... I guess they want to win people over by being British? If that's the case, I would better rewatch Being Human. Or Torchwood. Or Sherlock. Anything really.