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The show definitely has style. I am not talking just about the black-n-white film, which some may consider to be enough to call a media "art house". Camera work, decorations and costumes. They seem to present the era nicely and give this... "Vibe", I guess. it somehow feels realistic, even though it probably is not, if you look closer.

Unfortunately, for me, that's all there is. I did not get a connection with any of the characters showed in the first episode, and for the most part I was wondering "what is this show really about?". I get it, that it's a slow-burn, that does work in some shows and movies, but I am not sure it works here, especially, since the show is about a conman.

I am not saying it should be running at a much higher pace, essentially turning into a short movie, no. But there are just so many shots, that do not enrich the story in any way, let alone move it forward. They look amazing, yes, but from narrative perspective they are mostly pointless.