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It needed to be at least twice as long. It's clear that the world of the movie had a lot of thought put into it, that it's not "weird for the sake of being weird", but that there is some logic behind everything, rules. But nothing is explored within the hour. Literally nothing. Same is true for characters: they clearly have backgrounds written down somewhere on their character sheets, but they are practically untouched during the movie. They are all just a blur. Plot suffers from this, as well, because in the end there are things happening, but nothing is truly resolved, nothing is explained.

If this is meant to some kind of promotional thing for something - it's not promoting anything besides the style, which may not be for everyone. Again, for that you would need something coherent. And if this is meant as a standalone (although, from what I understand there is a 2nd movie, that's in the same universe, but not directly connected) - it's just bad.