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The faces here are... Disturbing. I can understand when such faces are used sparingly, only in special moments to make those moments even more ridiculous, or at least in a way, that Grand Blue does it, but this... It's a bit much. It just makes all the characters feel identically bad, and 1 of them having a sick mom does not make him more relatable or anything. The girls' faces were not much better, because they looked plastic, even the one that is, probably, supposed to be a more "down to earth" one.

It was also a very fast episode, which did not allow even a second to feel anything for any of the characters. Aside from feeling like all of them are scumbags. I understand that this may be a satirical take on certain types of media-personas, but I think it can be done with a bit more taste. I will give it 1 more episode, in hope that it will slow-down and start talking about thing in a more serious tone, but I doubt that will happen.



Episode 2:

There is a saying: "Everyone loves an underdog". If you believe that - watch this show. I have no ounce or good will towards Hobin. I do not wish him success at all. Because he is also scum, who just happened to be lower in this "food chain". His sick mom is not a redeeming quality whatsoever. I commend him for (seemingly) trying to change, but he is trying to change for the sake of money, not for the sake of his mother. If the show is supposed to satirize modern society, it's not doing a good job, because people who do not understand what satire is, will take it at face value and believe that Hobin is a good guy. While he is not.

Also, I really can't stand these faces. They are too much, and there is too many of them. Meanwhile in the opening of the show, we do see character stills, that do look extremely cool. If only this show had some balance between the goofy and cool...