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There was too much focus on boobs in the first half of the 1st episode. Don't get me wrong, I understand, that Sumireko has big bust, nothing wrong with that, not like you would remove it in some shots and retain it in others. I am complaining about the fact that there was too much emphasis on it. I mean, opening had a lot of sexualized shots. It's as if she has nothing else to her character, which is clearly not the case. Maybe I'm just getting old or something, since this is not the 1st show this season that i complain about like this, but this just feels unnecessary.

Other than that, this may have potential. It has a weird protagonist, who is clearly not human or has some superhuman powers. There is occult things involved, and general sense of something dangerous nearby, and there is clearly a promise of an overarching story, and not just collection of weird shorts. Definitely giving this one a chance.



Episode 2:

As a man, I would never have guessed, that I would say that boobs has ruined a show for me. But It happened. I just don't get it why there is so much focus on them. If this was a harem anime or an ecchi romcom - I could have accepted it. But this is supposed to be a show about supernatural. Boobs are not supernatural. I mean, aside from boobs acquired through plastic surgery, especially if they are excessive (since "supernatural" may be interpreted as "not natural").

But even when I try to focus on the supernatural stuff... It's still not good. Firstly, it still finds a way to divert into sexual talk (although it may make sense in context of the 2nd episode), which does not add anything. Secondly, why would they even think about possibility of someone questioning identity of some random girl, who dressed up in the uniform? And why did they not discuss the need for Sumireko to hide in the toilet for most of the day? And if she was hidden then, why not tell about that "mark" right away? They call it "plan", while Ren also suggests that he has experience doing this stuff, but... Does not look like a well-thought-out plan to me.