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If you want to learn how to make a boring car racing show - ask the creators of this series. No, seriously, even Overtake! was way more exciting, and its focus was more on relationships, rather than on actual racing. Majority of the the 1st episode was looking at car models surrounded by wind effects or at potentially empty cockpit at a very specific (and also static) angle. I did not notice any sort of dynamism in the shots.

Which is a great pity, because the show can produce quite nice static shots periodically. Or, at least, they have some style to them. But racing is not static, it's full of movement. Yes, there were some shots of cars turning or even crashing, but they felt almost sterile. It was like they were added in order to check a checkbox. There was no feeling behind them, no pressure, no excitement.

Why is that? I have a guess: there was no main character in the 1st episode. Maybe the pink-haired girl shown in the end will become one, but before her reveal there is no one. Yes, they were mentioning "King" and "Queen" of the races, but those are not main characters. Since there was no main character, it was not possible to associate yourself with what's going on on the screen. Think about it: all good racing shows (or even sport shows in general) have a good main character or even a set of those. Someone you can relate to, at least, to a degree, and someone you can share the excitement and stress of the race with. Maybe 2nd episode will be better, but, honestly, if the creators did not understand what makes a good racing show in 1st episode, unlikely they will be able to produce something worthy.