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The guy says, that he, as a bartender, should not lie, but he lies right away. He says that there are only 2 occupations, that should not allow falsehoods, and names 3: physician, pharmacist and bartender. I mean, physician and pharmacist are very different professions. And I am not sure these are the only ones, I would argue that most professions should not lie. If we include bartender in the list, we should, at least, include a cook.

But anyway, besides this controversy, this is kind of "meh" for me. I did not like that this bartender behaved as if he was in "bartender mode", but then apparently he was in it even before, since he wasted his energy to remember things about a person, that might have not ever come to his bar even. This also feels a bit like a lie.  I think I may just not be the target audience though, since I do not care for alcohol, and generally do not drink, so I do not care about this pretentious preparation of the drinks.