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This is definitely better than Das Signal, which is also about a woman returning from space, and "things going awry" for her husband and daughter. At the very least it does not jump from one conspiracy theory to another.

No, instead this is a proper psychological thriller. Or, at least, it's trying to be. I think it does very well with overall atmosphere, with all the uncertainty, until it get to a point, where certainty is established. After that point it's still psychological, but probably not much of a thriller.

Despite that, the last episode was bringing me very close to tears. it was a very bitter and sad finale, that expressed very well the feeling of "no one believes me, but I don't have strength left to fight for truth". It hit close to home, and it may be familiar to quite a few people, who were telling something they knew to be truth, when they were kids, but no one, even their own parents believed them, and they had to push it down.

If this was the goal of the show - they definitely succeeded. On the other hand, I do share sentiment from some other reviewer: this probably could have been shorter. I would not go as far as to say it boring at times, no, but episode 7 (and maybe part of episode 6) did repeat quite a few things that we saw back in episode 1, since those things turned out to be flash-forwards. Which is not necessarily bad by itself, but the way it was stretched out, though - it did diminish the pressure of the story.

Still, a good watch. Has promise for potential 2nd season, but not sure we need one, because it probably would go a very different direction, considering how this one ended. I am afraid that direction may become somewhat generic.