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Initially, I got a feeling, that it's successor to Bulgakov's "Heart of a Dog". I mean, the premise is somewhat similar here, in a sense that we also have a human being, that appeared thanks to a scientific experiment, and we are meant to see the world presented through the eyes of that experiment. Even some scenes in the very beginning were very reminiscent of what you can see in Vladimir Bortko's adaptation of Bulgakov's work. But the comparison does not go further.

Bulgakov's work was more... Subtle, more elegant, even though it also could be quite vulgar at times. It was also more multi-faceted, unlike "Poor Things" that has a very large focus on sexual relationship. That's an important topic, especially considering, how polarized society can be about women's sexual behavior, but still hardly the only topic you can (and should) explore in such a story. Granted, other topics are also touched here, but they seem even less than secondary.

"Heart of a Dog" was also way more than just "weird" (which was rather rare, really). It simply was way more funny, satirical, since it was using various humorous instruments in the narrative. "Poor Things" is mostly a one-trick pony in that regard: just apply a logic of complete disregard for self and/or society's norms. It does work in some cases, but for me it was mostly like "ok, so this is supposed to be funny, but it's not really that funny".

Of course, one could say, that the movie is not supposed to be funny, but it is rather supposed to make us think deep thoughts... But is it? It does not really go that deep. Yes, I can see the places, where it could be through-provoking, but the narrative is still surface-level, if not to say superficial. Maybe if it was a TV show with like 12 hour-long episodes, it could get deeper into topics and become sort of "Black Mirror", but we have what we have.

From cinematography standpoint it is good. It definitely will be not to everyone's taste, since it can feel really weird. I was reminded of "Clockwork Orange" more than once. Lack of music in certain scenes also added to the general atmosphere of weirdness. Actors were great, too, something tells me filming certain scenes might have been quite fun for them. It is generally a very art-housy movie. My only complain in this regard would be the black-and-white earlier in the movie, because it felt inconsistent, when they switched to colors briefly multiple times, before full switch.