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The game felt stiff. Not just the characters and their animation, but overall. I mean, in the first 20 minutes (maybe even less) you see multiple characters, but they do not feel distinct at all, and feel like robots, even when they try to joke. What's worse, the story they are trying to follow is just... Boring. I did not get into the original show, because I felt like it had too much politics than anything else, but at least the first episode grabbed my attention for some time.

In the game, though... It's just too slow. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it makes sense to have a slow start, nothing wrong with that, but here it feels too tedious. What adds to that is how empty and sterile everything feels. As if there are no real details. Maybe it is because it is space (although the show had much more clutter around), maybe it's because the art is not using cell-shaind that worked great for previous Telltale games, but it just feels too clean, like most modern movies.

Even the gameplay feels worse. Seems like you only get 2 choices for everything, and they seem to have even less meaning than in other games. But the the way how character movement feels is extremely outdated. It reminded me of "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey", but that's a game from back in 2006, it was low-budget and still felt much better.

I guess I just expected too much. I liked most of the Telltale games, even Jurassic Park one, which a lot of people disliked. I knew they were far from perfect, but the writing was generally good, the story grabbed you and did not let go till the end. They were exciting. But not this one. Or maybe I got spoiled by all "Life is Strange" games.