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This game definitely needs more attention, than it's been getting since release. Don't get me wrong, it's not "best game ever" and it's never been "game of the year" candidate. But it's a really solid B-Game. You know, like B-Movie, but a game.

The story is... There. It's ok, do not expect any plot twists here, characters are flat and, to an extent, stereotypical. Main villain is just a brat and is just annoying. The lore, though, seems interesting by itself, I would not mind exploring some proper RPG in this world, and the fact that it's also a western with vampires - it just adds more to it. But it is more about experience, I think. it is extremely linear, but environments do feel relatively unique, and they do present quite a few moments, that just feel good.

What is really worthy in this game is combat. Yes, it's not Devil May Cry, not even by a longshot. But it does involve juggling between melee combat and several types of range weapons. What's more it feels satisfying. Like there is this "oomph" to your actions. You also feel a bit more vulnerable than Dante or Nero, so you may want to be a bit more strategic.

It does have a few issues. Bugs with some achievements (I had one), low-resolution models inside the game (when you look at your character or weapons), periodic dips in performance... The switching between weapons is also kind of inconsistent: in some cases press of a button switches between several weapons, in some you literally "equip" a weapon, in some you just press a different button. You do get used to that, but something tells me it could have been done better, still.

Overall, I am not sure if this game is worth replaying with its New Game+ mode, but as a one-time fun experience - definitely worth the time. Probably, at a discount in terms of price, though.