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I guess this a show for keeping in the background. You know, when you like to have some noise, while doing something. I actually do that often, when I code, for example: put a TV show or a movie on one side of the screen, and code on the other. When in that kind of mode, this show may look decent, since it has quite good dynamics, but...

When you start to think about it seriously it makes little to no sense. The woman has a kid, and we are led to believe, she cares about him, and sacrificing her own food for him even. But then, she has an abusive ex, against whom she does not have a restraining order (and probably did not even try), and then she takes the kid with her to a random "billionaire" that wants her to clean for him without much of an afterthought, that it may be dangerous.

Not only that, but she also completely ignores the requirement to not enter prohibited area on her 2nd day. Or 1st one depending on how you count really. Don't get me wrong, even "The Beauty and The Beast" had this kind of thing in it, and numerous other stories, too, but they always either tempt the character to break the rule or force through some kind of accident. There was no accident here, and I do not think closed doors tempt people that much to risk a job one needs to literally survive.

But I guess, that's what you would expect from a person taking her kid inside guests' rooms in a hotel, she is cleaning at. Taking the kid to the hotel, because there is no one to look after him? That I can understand. Taking him inside the rooms? Definitely a no-no, and in real world would probably result in her getting fired pretty soon.

These seemingly little things break the whole atmosphere that the show is trying to build. Since this is supposed to be a thriller, the damage is outright fatal.