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Wow, that's bad.

Dialogue like

- Hey, you're the new girl.

- Been a girl for a while now.

already made me pause, like, is that supposed to be a joke of some sort? But then there is the whole bullying theme, which is not only cliched, but also does not make sense. Bullies can find the littlest things to bully for, yes, but bullying for grandma making incenses?.. Them calling grandma a witch is understandable, but everything else felt extremely forced (and rushed).

Then there was also the choice of music... It's fine if that's not my style of music (Spider-Verse also has a few tracks that are not my thing), but it just did not fit in any way. I am a strong believer, that music needs to "match" the screen, so that it "expands" the scene, adds to it. When music sounds like an unnecessary noise - it's just poor taste.

These things, albeit minor, already made me want to drop this, but then I did a bit of search, in case I am missing a point, and maybe it will become good after awhile, but... Turned out they changed the premise from the original book. In the book the boy knew who he was (at least to an extent). This minute detail changes the character entirely, and there is absolutely no reason for that, considering that school (and thus bullying) took like 2 minutes of the whole runtime and did not make me relate to the character in any way.

This made me think, that this change, and probably dozens of others (I am assuming here) were done just to push some sort of agenda. No idea what kind of agenda, though, since I dropped it soon after Hu appeared and all his interactions seemed unnatural even for a supernatural being. Either way, I would rather read a book, since it's synopsis sounds way more interesting.

Oh and animation is meh, while the overall style is quite subpar. Probably expected, if it's low budget, though.