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I enjoyed "Now you see me" movies, which I watched sometime around last year, so thought it's time to try what inspired them: "Ocean's Eleven". I was disappointed.

I was bored out of my skull after 10 minutes, but as forcing myself to continue to watch it till around 40 minutes mark, and it still have not inspired me in any way. It's just a bla-bla-fest. Maybe after 40 minutes it turns into fast-paced action, but I highly doubt it.

What I think worked really well for "Now you see me" was the pacing. It was fast. And the thing is, such heist should probably be fast. I mean, Ocean said it himself, it needs precision. You're in one second and out the next. This spells "fast" to me. That's what excites people about such movies: every action taken by the robbers is so accurate, that it's like boom-boom-boom, the end.

It is fast not because it is rushed, but because you are watching professionals. You see their professionalism. In "Ocean's Eleven" it is mostly being "talked about" rather than shown, at least in the first 40 minutes. Constant talking is definitely not why I started watching this.