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Episode 3:

I feel like it's going nowhere. There is definitely a lot happening, but the plot overall seems to be standing mostly still. CGI horse also felt very out of place in this episode. They did up their game with the still, though, they are even more vivid now, than in 1st season, but this also makes them a bigger eyesore because of total disconnect with the rest of the show. I am mostly forcing myself to watch this now, because I want all this stuff to finally make sense and connect into a proper conclusion.



Somehow episode 10 turned out to be the end of 2nd season. This is abrupt in itself, but considering, that nothing was explained still, it's even worse. Or am I the only one who has no idea, what 2nd season was about, and what's been going on for these 10 episodes? Not like 1st season was that amazing, but it felt like characters had, at least, some sort of a goal, that they were working towards.

In 2nd season they are all bumbling like idiots, practically without a real purpose or even motivation. There are also lots of characters, that are mostly "representatives of groups", rather standalone characters. They do not mean anything by themselves, they are just there to say "Our group is so awesome, and you do not understand is awesomeness".

And considering the finale... What was even the point of this "story", really? I guess, it was trying to go for fatalism, but it simply does not work, because the ending is essentially "we will just drop all this, 'cause we're tired, and now we will live happily ever after". Nothing is resolved, but at the same time nothing is left unresolved in a way, that would fit a dystopic story driven by fatalism. It's just as if the author just got tired, and decided to drop the whole story, but needed to write something, because of the contract.

My point is, if you are reading this before you have started watching the show (or at least its 2nd season) - just don't waste your time.