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It's nothing special, really, just passable. Somehow I have not watched original with Wilder, at least not fully: just bits and pieces here and there, essentially those related to memes, but I did watch the one with Depp. This new Wonka is definitely neither.

Burton was definitely more into darker satire, and it definitely had a sense of certain style to it (which is Tim's strong suit). It definitely felt more a Grimm's fairy tail, if a fairy tail at all. You could still feel the magic there. I perceive Wilder's Wonka much more childish in that regard, which definitely has its own charm, and is probably more magical.

New Wonka did not feel magical. Yes, there is magic, of course, but it was kind of... Meh. It was not exciting, it was not... Crazy? Or maybe not crazy enough? Which might have been a good character development point, since this is a prequel: they could have shown us how Willy slowly get more and more unhinged. We did not get that.

Songs were also somewhat flat. I think Oompa Loompa's songs were ok, they did feel more refined, but that's it. And maybe they felt better simply because the character stood out more compared to the rest.

Overall, it probably will be ok for kids, but adults may be be split, depending on their experience with other entries in the franchise.