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I enjoyed the first 2 Trolls movies. They really leaned into the quality of the music. I enjoyed almost every song in the 1st one, and the 2nd felt just a bit worse, but more because I am not a fan of certain genres, that were part of it. 3rd iteration was... Meh.

It's particularly bad, of course, and I do recognize quite a few "covers" they got here. I do enjoy some of the original songs even now, when I definitely outgrew them. But maybe that's the problem here? Maybe they leaned too much into the "nostalgia"? The movie does have original songs (as far as I know, at least), but none really hooked me as much as the nostalgic beats.

Aside from music, it also is not that great, I think. Maybe I became to cynic, but "hidden brothers" (and "hidden sister"), the "impenetrable diamond" (which probably could have been opened, because it was a bottle with a lid)... It all felt subpar, and maybe even a bit forced. Kids obviously would not pay attention to such things, though, but they probably will question some clearly adult humor.