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The show started as generic "alien robots are attacking, but we also have robots" kind of show. Nothing special, really. I did not find the military training that has been shown as particularly entertaining. There were some shots that felt dynamic and delivering the sense of power from the robots, but they were very few. Robots' design felt a bit more realistic, though, it was kind of a plus.

But then a guy was randomly saved by sentient alien robot, that... Asked the guy to enter him. With a voice, that was almost crackling from lewd excitement. For me it was immediate turn off. Then there is also the fact, that it does not make sense for a sentient robot to ask someone to pilot him, and we do see that half of actions during the following fight were done by the robot. Maybe that is explained in second episode, but I do not want to watch it.

Oh, and you may want to know, that based on the ending for the show, it looks like there will be BL theme here. I did not notice it in the 1st episode, but the pairing of the 2 characters is quite a common one in the genre, including "Banana Fish". But I would not expect a plot on the level of "Banana Fish" here, that's for sure.