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Me: Mom, I want Kaguya-sama!

Mom: We have Kaguya-sama at home.

Kaguya-sama at home: ...

Seriously. The core of the show is the same as with Kaguya-sama: 2 main characters try to make each other to fall in love with one another. The main difference from Kaguya-sama is that they are angel and demon (which is somewhat typical to anime, although maybe not always literal). And that they "hate" each other (we all know that won't last, in fact there are sign of this breaking in 2nd episode already).

But it's not as good as Kaguya-sama. That anime had something in it, that made jokes feel unique. I dunno... Taste? Even when they went over the top it felt planned, like it was meant to happen at a very specific time. This show is essentially blowing-up reactions to tell us that things are funny almost on every step. I felt tired during 1st episode already, but it was introductory, so I gave a chance to the 2nd episode, which turned out to be more of the same (plus female dominating male for third of the episode).