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1st episode felt like a drag, to be honest. There was too much monologuing, although some of it was technically a dialogue with a slime. It was used to provide exposition, which is fine, too... But I think this kind of exposition works better for books (and maybe manga in some cases). At least I can see this working when you have a first-person story and the character is thinking about the things, that introduce the world, its rules and characters to us. In a visual story, that anime is, it just feels monotonous. This episode could have been cut in half, at least.

Then there is this incarnation in the girl's head, which seems kind of pointless. It's a separate entity, that sometimes talks to her. I bet it will be used as a plot device to "rescue" the girl with the help of "otherworldly knowledge". Why, though? Her having a starless skill is already enough, especially since we all can probably guess, that it's not "starless", but it has so many stars, that whatever devices are used to measure it, can't see them.

I will give a chance with next episode, but I feel it will be more like a "cute girl doing cute things with her slime" kind of show, rather than something with actual story and character development. Especially since we kind of already witnessed her "development", which was a bit forced.



Episode 2:

I don't know what's wrong exactly, but I feel like some minor things here just don't mesh well together.

The girl kills a mice, that just suddenly goes to sleep in her hand, but there is no blood, yet later in the episode - there is blood. Her "survival mode" is just too cheery, considering that previous episode established, that she was suddenly abandoned by her parents, which implies, that they were taking care of her before, which is also confirmed by her not knowing the concept of money and seeming inability to talk to people (unless that's just awkward writing).

But overall this is quite boring, too. And it could have been the "right" kind of boring, if she stayed at the new village, and the show was about her getting friends and growing up in that village. But she is forced out, by posters, that look nothing like her, especially since she cut her hair. Presumably exactly with intent to not be recognized as a girl. I know she is a child, and children may not be as bright sometimes, but she is presented as a self-sufficient child, and also has that voice from her past life in her head.

Problem is, that she is the main focus of the show, clearly. Not her and the slime, but her specifically. At least that's how it was framed in 1ts episode, and it is also confirmed by us spending a lot of the time listening to her talking to herself (and sometimes slime). I am pretty sure that these little contradictions will keep piling up ruining the character. Which is said, because even My Daemon, was more compelling as "child with a monster traveling and surviving" kind of story.