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Anime about constantly constipated girl. Seriously, the way she talks, the way she is animated, it's like she has not been able to poop for several weeks or something. She is counteracted by a "soft spoken guy" who is trying too hard to look cool, but probably talks a bit too much, that kind of ruins his "cool" image. Or maybe he is also constipated, but tries to focus on talking to forget that, I do not know.

What I do know is that "kissing a witch" to [temporary] lift a curse just does not make much sense no matter how you look at it. Curses in fairy tails were lifted not by the kiss of a prince, but by the kiss of true love, that is it was the magic of love, that destroyed those curses. Means that the show is based on total misinterpretation of folklore, or author wanted an excuse to force enemies to kiss.