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It feels like you need to watch something else to understand what's going on. Is there a prequel to this? Or is this expansion on some other media? There was a lot of things going on, but very little explanations. I get it that common approach of a character saying something, that is common knowledge in the depicted world, is not the most elegant way to world build, but it is better than no world building.

I mean, there is some. I understood that there are robots, and they need some "nectar" to function, and if they don't get it - they "die". It is also used as a drug by humans. Robots can also look like humans. And some robots can turn into different kind of robots. And this Rogue girl is investigating something, but previously has not seen the other girl, that, presumably, hired her?

I really hope, next episode will clarify things, because otherwise it would seem like a beautiful dud. Which would be sad, because it somehow also reminds me of "Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song", which was pretty good overall.



Episode 2:

It feels like "Trigun: Stampede" (did not watch original), but worse. "Stampede" had at least somewhat coherent goal: find Vash's brother and stop him from killing things. This one... Was it ever told what the goal for the girls is in the show itself or was it only told in the show's synopsis? Character design is good here, fights are decent, but other than that it feels like it's going nowhere.