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Essentially this is another case of "I am reborn as a villainess, but don't want to die". The main differentiator from the rest is that it's "villainess" 3rd life, which is also a 2nd chance at her 1st life. With 2nd life making little sense, really, and generally being pointless.

We are told, that Elise did something "horrible" (no details on what in 1st episode), and because of that she decided to become a doctor. Because she wanted to save lives. But why surgeon specifically? Why not some kind of other doctor? And why a doctor in general? To save lives you can be a policeman or fireman or lifeguard, at least. What exactly pushed her to become doctor, when she most likely had no influence in her 1st life, that would prompt her to choose this path.

Then we are also told for 90% of the episode how she is such an awesome surgeon, best of the best, and we are shown how she is saving lives while bleeding out... Wait what? Doing a literal surgery on a punctured guy while also bleeding out? Without even trying to stop her own bleeding, which seemed to come out of nowhere? For an "awesome surgeon" she is pretty stupid. You know why flight attendants say to first use oxygen mask on yourself and then your kid? Because you need to be conscious top help your kid further. Blood loss also results in loss of consciousness or, at least, delirium, which can make her do mistakes, and thus kill people she is trying to help.

But what's worse all these 90% of 1st episode were scrapped with the reincarnation. They meant nothing. Yes, she probably will try to establish a hospital or something, but... That would make even less sense, that she suddenly developed passion for healing, and she would not be able to explain that, because we already saw it that she can't stay calm and collected like a real surgeon can. And if you think surgeon skills will be that applicable in middle ages - think again. Surgeons are highly specialized, specifically because what they do is difficult, so she her knowledge would also be highly specialized. Yes, some common things - she would be able to use them to heal people, but they will be limited. She won't become a family doctor, at least not that easily. Besides, surgeons do rely on tech nowadays. And, yes, surgeon steel is tech. Clamps are tech. Cotton pads are tech.

So dropping this just like those oxygen masks dropped. BTW, they drop only if there is depressurization of the cabin at certain heights, so in the scenario shown the episode they would not drop. Also it did not make sense, that only her and some child were awake and able to move after the crash.