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Something feels off about this one. Like there is an inconsistency in the rules.

Why would a random skeleton attack him, when he is also a skeleton? Why does he have "spirit energy", mana and "divinity"? Why all at once? What's the difference between the three (although I can guess about divinity)? Why did he maintain his armor, while other skeletons are naked? How come a huge hole in the wall in a mapped corridor is considered "secret" and does not raise any concerns with the guy? How is it possible that he was not able to improve in 10 years, but the moment he is a skeleton he does not only level up, but evolve within 1 night?

There are too many questions, that make me feel as if there is a flaw in the core of the story. Something "it is like that because I want it like that" kind of thing. This makes it less believable for me. Will give it a chance, but doubt anything will be clarified in next 1 or even 2 episodes.



Episode 3:

I still don't feel it. It should be interesting to see things from perspective of an undead, but I guess the guy became human-like too quickly, and thus it kind of does not matter that he is undead. Which is weird, because should not he stink because of rotting flesh? Don't want to waste more time on it.