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Just another romcom. And possibly an attempt to replace Kitagawa Marin from "Dress-up Darling". I mean part of the "in the girl's house" portion of the 1st episode was extremely reminiscent of what happened with Gojo and Marin. Unlike "Darling", though, this show's selling point sems to be just the "plot" (if you know what I mean), and snow. And how "plot" is definitely cold in the snow.

Don't get me wrong, "Darling" was criticized for some "excessively suggestive" moments, but... They kind of fit the theme there. We all know that cosplay often involve characters which are dressed in a way to showcase their "assets", so at least part of the fan-service in "Darling" was just following that idea. But even aside from that it still had a clear goal for the characters: Marin wanted to cosplay to show her appreciation for the characters from favorite games/manga/anime, and Gojo wanted to make dresses. In this show it seems like there is no goal, and it is just slice of life about a garyu in winter.

For some that would be enough, but for me - no. Especially, when I do not like Minami's design.