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I think I already know how this will play out. The whole anime will be about Rishe healing whatever parental trauma Arnold has, while meeting people from her past lives, and "accidentally" communicating with them as if they  know each other in this life.

The way they approach the story is quite weak. The "7th loop" gimmick has already been used almost to full extent, because almost half of the episode was used about 5 of the 6 previous lives, so only 1 seem to have some level of "intrigue" for us. This was too soon. The start of the episode was good, it had weight, it had atmosphere, and then there is, essentially, exposition dump, although they could have limited that to just mention that this her 7th loop, and then use flashbacks at important junctions of her current life, that remind her of previous lives or require skills from previous lives. Some people complain about flashbacks, but here they would make total sense.

Furthermore, I think it was made quite clear that in 6th loop, Rishe did not know Arnold personally, so the way he "suddenly" proposes, already shows the whole intention and final goal of the show: to marry them, so that the war would not happen in her 7th life. While the idea is fine by itself, it is handled with no subtlety whatsoever. For a [relatively] long story it would have been better if Arnold was not so blatant, but rather started a bit from afar looking for opportunities to interact with Rishe. Then you could also dawn the realization on Rishe: "Oh, I have an opportunity to prevent war!". Right now, they would probably start with "I do not like the guy, he has killed me before, so I will try to avoid him, but I probably need to change him to prevent war", which is just too predictable.

There is still a small chance, that Arnold has a hidden agenda, though, so I will give this show a chance with 1, maximum 2 episodes. But if there is a hidden agenda it would probably be, that he also experienced the loops, and he semi-recognized Rishe. Which could be interesting, but I doubt this will happen.

Also, looks like in 6th life Rishe did a breast reduction operation, because the different in sizes between the time she fought with Arnold and the start of 7th loop is too big. Even if you consider the dress having push-up effect and her using compression bandages when she was a knight.



This show is making even less sense now, to be honest. I did not get the idea of Rishe being treated as a "hostage", like why? She already agreed to marriage, which from political standpoint should help to maintain peace by itself. Why is she suddenly a "supposed" hostage? How is Arnold "suppressing his presence", if this is not Bleach or Naruto or whatever? Why would Rishe want to "laze about in the castle", if her previous incarnations clearly taught her, that doing things is valuable? Why is Arnold behaving a step away from "puppy love", which somehow feels a bit degrading not only to the character, but to men in general?

Either way, dropping it, as I predicted I would. Tasty-looking blueberries do not save it for me.7-Loop Blueberries